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Katerina Reklitis

Hellenic Cultural Coordinator

Katerina Reklitis was born, raised and educated in Greece with a Bachelor in Education from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

After working in several Greek cities as a Hellenic Studies Educator she was appointed by the Greek Government at St Andrew’s Grammar as a Seconded Greek teacher.

Katerina permanently migrated to Perth, continuously teaching Greek and she can honestly say it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Katerina has been instrumental in encouraging the Greek teachers and the wider body of staff to fulfil the Vision, the Mission and the Ethos of the school whilst working with them in a most collegial and positive manner. She organises and oversees every whole school Greek National Day assembly and activities including religious services, church visits, Consular functions, Wreath Laying Ceremonies, Hellenic Community of WA engagements, cooking and various out of school Greek matters. In 2018, Katerina was the Coordinator of Greek Studies, and since 2019, she has undertaken the role of Hellenic Cultural Coordinator

In addition she ensures that the culture of Hellenism is apparent in all those events and more so in her classes. Katerina loves leading the students, challenging and supporting them to be the best Hellenes and Philhellenes they can be.

Katerina highly values SAG’s fantastic school community and her commitment to the school continuously makes a big difference.

As an authentic teacher of Modern Greek, Katerina has a repertoire of management and organisational skills that reflect her careful planning and programming. Her delivery of stimulating appropriate and challenging activities to the students in her classes reflect her overall care for every child she teaches.

Katerina is now in her 26th year at St Andrew’s Grammar. She has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the dedicated, hardworking and happy Greek Studies teaching staff as she continuously provides such creative, engaging and immersive learning experiences for the students.

More than anything though, it is the success and the happiness of every child in this school that makes her job as a Hellenic Educator, such a rewarding one.


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