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Teaching and Learning

The Douglas Fisher Model is the teaching and learning model that is used in the Secondary School:

Teacher Directed:
  1. ‘I do’: Explicit Teaching: the teacher instructs the class (i.e. notes, hand-outs, video, Powerpoint/Key Note Presentations, Whiteboard, Apple TV and iPad)
  2. ‘We do’: the teacher engages the class to further explain the lesson – the teacher does the learning activity with the students.
Student Centred:
  1. ‘You do collaboratively’: the teacher sets a collaborative learning activity (i.e. pairs, groups, class) that the students can do with peer support and assistance.
  2. ‘You do independently’: the teacher sets a learning activity that the student can do independently (i.e.study notes, homework, assessment tasks) .

Students are encouraged to write study notes in order to learn ‘how to learn and study’ and to increasingly take responsibility for their own learning.


secondary3Assessments are either formative or summative. Summative assessments count as formal assessment tasks. They will have generic school cover pages including: assessment details, marks, weightings, teacher comments, student reflection and parent signature.

All teachers should provide students with a copy of the assessment outline and a weekly outline in Year 7-10 classes.

In Years 11 and 12, students receive a copy of the course programme, assessment outline and all requirements set by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

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