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Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar; Mrs Suzanne Kelly.


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Leadership Team

Pauline Crisp

Head of English

After graduating from Rossmoyne High School with results in the top 1% in the state, Pauline Crisp earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and then a post graduate Diploma of Education from the University of Western Australia. With over thirty five years of involvement in education, her knowledge, interest and enthusiasm have only grown over time. Classroom teaching is her passion.

Pauline has taught English and Literature in a number of Perth schools, held Year Co-ordinator roles, engaged in relief teaching in both Primary and Secondary schools and privately tutored many students to better results. She came to St Andrew’s Grammar in 2010 and took up the Head of English role in 2011, actively and successfully working to improve both individual and school results in literacy. Pauline is the leader of Demeter House and thoroughly enjoys encouraging students to give their best effort and take up every opportunity offered.

Christoffer Zander

Head of Mathematics

Louisa Abelha

Head of HASS, Service Coordinator, Badminton Academy Coordinator

Louisa Abelha loves teaching Humanities and Social Sciences at St Andrew’s Grammar and is our current Head of Learning Area H.A.S.S.

Louisa grew up in a multicultural family and had traveled quite a bit before growing up in Rockingham, Western Australia. Louisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching, both from the University of Western Australia. She began her teaching career at Manjimup SHS followed by St. Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School prior to having her own children.

Louisa strongly believes that the key to a student’s success is personal empowerment and the development of a love for learning and inquiry. She loves playing badminton and has been very grateful to see the keen interest in the Badminton Club. As our Service Coordinator, Louisa continues to interest and involve our students in the H.O.P.E (Help Our Planet Earth) Environmental Club and Service Committee.

Louisa lives with her husband, Michael and their two daughters, and enjoys travel, exercising, cooking, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family. She enjoys getting to know all the students and works hard on ensuring that every student achieves their personal best.

Larissa Boon

Head of Science

Patrick Squire

Head of Health & Physical Education, Director of Sport

Samantha Hunt

Head of Arts & Technologies, Year 7 Pastoral Coordinator, Transition Coordinator

Samantha Hunt has been teaching at St Andrew’s Grammar for the past 11 years. She has undergraduate qualifications in Bachelor of Arts, an Associate Diploma of Applied Science and a post graduate Diploma of Education.

Samantha is an Art Specialist and has experience teaching students of all abilities, across numerous courses. She is currently The Head of Arts and Technologies and teaches; Visual Arts in Years 8 – 12, Children Family and the Community, Food Science and Technology and lower school Food Specialisation.

Samantha is a passionate, adaptable member of staff and has worked in various roles over the years. She has implemented and assisted with the organisation of many successful social and fundraising events within the amazing St Andrew’s Grammar community.

Samantha’s teaching philosophy is one where the students are motivated and inspired and are not afraid to investigate their concepts and opinions. It is important that all students are engaged in all aspects of their schooling experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Apostolos Vassiliadis

Acting Head of Greek, Year 8 Pastoral Coordinator

Steven Gleeson

Year 9 Pastoral Coordinator, Perth Glory Academy Coordinator

Jessica Murphy

Year 10 Pastoral Coordinator

Leon Maag

Year 11-12 Pastoral Coordinator

Brittani Morrison

Careers & Vocational Coordinator

Katerina Reklitis

Hellenic Cultural Coordinator

Katerina Reklitis was born, raised and educated in Greece with a Bachelor in Education from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.

After working in several Greek cities as a Hellenic Studies Educator she was appointed by the Greek Government at St Andrew’s Grammar as a Seconded Greek teacher.

Katerina permanently migrated to Perth, continuously teaching Greek and she can honestly say it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Katerina has been instrumental in encouraging the Greek teachers and the wider body of staff to fulfil the Vision, the Mission and the Ethos of the school whilst working with them in a most collegial and positive manner. She organises and oversees every whole school Greek National Day assembly and activities including religious services, church visits, Consular functions, Wreath Laying Ceremonies, Hellenic Community of WA engagements, cooking and various out of school Greek matters. In 2018, Katerina was the Coordinator of Greek Studies, and since 2019, she has undertaken the role of Hellenic Cultural Coordinator

In addition she ensures that the culture of Hellenism is apparent in all those events and more so in her classes. Katerina loves leading the students, challenging and supporting them to be the best Hellenes and Philhellenes they can be.

Katerina highly values SAG’s fantastic school community and her commitment to the school continuously makes a big difference.

As an authentic teacher of Modern Greek, Katerina has a repertoire of management and organisational skills that reflect her careful planning and programming. Her delivery of stimulating appropriate and challenging activities to the students in her classes reflect her overall care for every child she teaches.

Katerina is now in her 26th year at St Andrew’s Grammar. She has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the dedicated, hardworking and happy Greek Studies teaching staff as she continuously provides such creative, engaging and immersive learning experiences for the students.

More than anything though, it is the success and the happiness of every child in this school that makes her job as a Hellenic Educator, such a rewarding one.


Bruce Wilkins

Academic Administration

A Masters in Science Education and Bachelors degree in Computer Education supports Bruce Wilkin’s passion for Science, Engineering and Mathematics. He has multiple years of WACE Physics and Chemistry experience that includes ‘Top Performing Schools’ status for Physics in 2018. Bruce has also taught Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Woodwork, Media, Health and Religion in a range of schools including Girrawheen, Manjimup, Kelmscott, St Hilda’s ASG, John XXIII, Servite and Methodist Ladies’ College.

He has 12 years’ experience as a Head of Science and a further 11 Years on the Leadership Team at MLC where he was primarily the Timetabler but also had roles including the Assistant to the Head of Secondary, the Acting Head of Middle School and the Academic Dean (K – 12). Bruce has a teacher wife and 3 children: an OT, an Engineer and a soon to be Lawyer.

He is still very proud of his position in the WA U16 State Team for Basketball along time ago, his 2nd Place in the 150km ‘Northam to Perth’ bike race and his effort riding a tandem bicycle for the WA Blind Sports Federation. He also swam at the world Master’s swimming championships. Bruce rides a bike to work ‘almost always’ and has spent a couple of years coaching students for the ‘Busselton Pedal Prix’.  He is a life member of Hamersley Little Athletics, a former LAWA Board Member and has coached High jump for around 10 years. In his spare time, Bruce is building two kit cars, a Sonic 7 and Locost ‘Lotus 7’, which fits in well with him being the secretary of the WA Sports Car Builders Club.

In the classroom, he believes that challenging students to give their best needs to be personalised to the individual student and actively modelled by the teacher. He is looking forward to providing some challenging learning opportunities to the St Andrew’s students and watching them strive for success.

Samantha Pitsonis

Manager of Junior Primary KG - Year 2, Year 1.2

Samantha Pitsonis has had over ten years of teaching experience and is currently teaching Year One. In previous years she has worked in the Early Learning Centre at the school as gained invaluable insight into the early stages of the development of children.

She is a passionate educator. Samantha believes that parents and children who have a better understanding of learning, can create an environment that is rich and allows them to achieve. A  meaningful, teacher,  parent and student relationship is vital to the success of each individual child. Through goal setting, immersion in a range of learning activities, knowledge of success criteria as well as reflection on feedback, she believes that children can grow and succeed.

Samantha has been managing the online forum entitled ‘Parent Development’ which is regularly updated with important information that educates and provides parents with the tools needed to foster their child’s development.

Samantha also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle and as the childrens’ role model supports the school’s ethos  by incorporating well-being activities into her daily programme. She cares for the whole child – on high academic achievement standards and the social and emotional welfare of every child.

Tom Fortune

Manager of Upper Primary Years 3-6, Year 6.2

Tom Fortune is an experienced Primary School teacher who is in his tenth year of teaching at St Andrew’s Grammar.  Before that, he taught in Los Angeles, California for eleven years.  Having worked in both public and private settings, Tom brings many life experiences to his classroom.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida and a Master of Arts (Special Education) from California State University.  A strong respect of people, a good sense of humour and a heartfelt intuition about individuals and their needs have created much success in his classrooms.

Tom is always looking for ways to help students take ownership in their education, helping to develop learning, leadership and life skills that will serve them during their school years and beyond.  He works hard to cultivate a strong relationship between student, parent and school and realises that when students believe in success, they will find it.

Tom was a mid-life crossover to education, a field that held a special interest throughout his life.  Before that, he worked in the financial sales industry and was a starting team member, and sales/marketing director, for a regional organic ales company that spread to more than 25 states in the U.S.  He also served as a development officer and camp director during the inaugural years of one of Paul Newman’s camps for chronically ill children.

In 2011, Tom and his wife, a Perth native, immigrated to Australia along with their two sons in order to give their children the opportunity to spend more time with their extended Australian family.  He enjoys collaborating with the staff and community at St Andrew’s Grammar and feels lucky to have found a school with such a beautiful culture and such wonderful students.  He strives to contribute to the success of the school through coordinating such programs as Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Speakers’ Challenge and School Debates.  Tom enjoys tennis, an occasional attempt at the piano, umpiring weekend T-Ball games and serving on a local P&C.  Oh, and Gator football!

Alexandra Pynes

Inclusive Education Coordinator, Reading Support

Alexandra Pynes graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Honors) from Curtin University and has been at St Andrew’s Grammar since 2013. She has worked as a classroom teacher from Years 1 to 3 and is currently the Inclusive Education Coordinator and Reading Support teacher for the primary school.

Alexandra is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who provides a high-quality education to her students in a safe environment. She understands that all children learn differently and therefore uses a range of teaching and assessment strategies to include everyone. Alexandra believes forming a strong relationship with families is of high importance, allowing students to achieve excellence.

Furthermore, Alexandra instils a love of learning where students feel respected and valued.

Taryn Havas

ELC Cell Leader, Kindergarten 1

Taryn Havas is an enthusiastic, highly motivated teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education. She has worked extensively in schools across Perth, Sydney and London. Taryn holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Education from Edith Cowan University. She has been teaching at St Andrew’s Grammar since 2012 and was appointed as the Early Learning Co-ordinator in 2013. In this role Taryn provides management and support for the Early Learning Centre staff.

Taryn is invested in St Andrew’s Grammar’s vision, purpose and values and maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the Western Australian Curriculum.

Taryn is passionate about her role as an educator, and understands the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with students, parents and teachers alike. Taryn provides a vibrant, stimulating classroom environment that is conducive to learning, and motivates the students in her care to produce their best possible outcomes.

Maria Kassinas

Year 1-2 Cell Leader, Year 1.1

A dedicated and conscientious teacher, Maria Kassinas has over 16 years of teaching experience and is an industrious Year 1-2 Cell Group Leader. Her Bachelor of Education, Kindergarten to Year Seven, allowed her to teach in the United Kingdom for two years where her passion for the acquisition of literacy in the early stages of schooling developed. In 2011, she completed a Master of Education, specialising in Literacy, Numeracy and Learning Difficulties.

Mrs Kassinas in committed to providing quality teaching within an inclusive and supportive learning environment that encourages children to be risk takers, to control their own learning and profit from their own experiences. In a safe and supportive environment where students are valued and empowered, she prepares each child to be a flexible, resilient, life-long learner.

Michelle Emmelhainz

Year 3-4 Cell Leader, Year 3.1

Michelle Emmelhainz been teaching at St Andrew’s Grammar for many years and in that time has taught various year levels including Middle School Physical Education. She is currently teaching Year 3 which she thoroughly enjoys.

In addition, Mrs Emmelhainz is a Senior Teacher and has been a Cell Leader in the Primary school for the last four years. This year she is the Year 3-4 Cell Leader.

Furthermore, in 2013 Mrs Emmelhainz was given the position of Resources coordinator for the Primary school in the Learning Area of Science. This has now progressed to include HASS, Mathematics, Home-Reading, Guided Reading and Classroom Reading. This role involves researching, purchasing, collating and maintaining all of the resources for the Primary school.

Mrs Emmelhainz is a Primary Years Specialist who has over 15 years of teaching experience in all year levels of primary school.

Mrs Emmelhainz firmly believes that SAG integrates curriculum to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

In her spare time, she loves travelling, exercising and spending time with her family.