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Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar; Mrs Suzanne Kelly.


(08) 9303 3840

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Information Technology

Technology & Beyond

Meeting the needs of tomorrow

St Andrew’s is investing in major upgrades of our technology infrastructure including internet connection, Wi-Fi, teaching aids in classrooms, training, and student learning devices. To learn more about IT’s strategic vision to support teachers and students alike, please see our Technology & Beyond brochure below.

Technology & Beyond | 2023
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Education Leading Technology

In an ever changing world, it is imperative that schools afford students the best possible opportunities by incorporating technologies as part of the teaching and learning environment.  St. Andrew’s Grammar School embraces this pathway and our school has a vision to be recognised locally and nationally for its innovative teaching practices in the ICT domain.

To achieve this goal our teachers welcome the new world of information communications technology, and our students will demonstrate greater application to the learning process. Our use of Smart Boards and interactive televisions transform the classroom into interactive learning spaces, while the introduction of Chromebooks has allowed each student to stay seamlessly synced with their school work both at home and on campus. These technologies will enable an increase in collaboration and sharing of experiences with fellow students, but also develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the future.

Many schools are now digital schools. St. Andrew’s Grammar chooses to be a leading digital school.

The benefits of being a digital school:

  1. Teachers need to explore all avenues to challenge students so they become excited about, and develop a passion for learning. We also know that learning styles differ between students. Technologies allow for greater flexibility in meeting the needs of individual students.
  2. To enhance a culture of learning that integrates the use of ICT for all community members, our students make use of 21st Century learning strategies to further engage them and capitalise on portable technology. High quality teaching and learning experiences are the key drivers to developing this culture, not the technology. The technology amplifies good teaching.
  3. Interactive ways of learning foster creativity, collaboration and produce adaptable learners. Future oriented schools do not promote a culture of ‘one size fits all’, but rather create a community that enable students to develop their learning at their own rate.