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Wednesday April 8

Parent Update – Wednesday April 8

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Once again, on behalf of the staff at St. Andrew’s Grammar, thank you for your continued support. We acknowledge that these are difficult and highly unusual times, however, by working together we will beable to ensure that the whole of Western Australia and our most vulnerable people stay safe. The part you are playing, by keeping your children home, and working with them on their online work is highly valuable.

The examples of student work being done and that I am seeing from Primary and Secondary students alike are exceptional. It is evident that, although not ideal, our students are making progress through their combined work with parents and our exceptional team of teachers.

The purpose of this letter is to provide an update on where we are as a school in relation to closure and plans for online learning.

It was announced earlier this week that there should be a decision by the Federal Government and possibly State Government about the plans regarding Term 2 and face-to-face or online learning for students. As stated, when we officially closed the school, we would be following these directives.

In the meantime, however I would like to share the proactive measures the school has implemented to ensure that the quality of online learning is second to none:

  • Staff Professional Development – Staff have had four half days this week, to not only share aspects of online learning that needed addressing or improving, but more importantly, to share aspects of best practice. This time has been invaluable which will inevitably lead to the improvement of future online lessons.
  • Teacher – Parent Conferences – Primary conferences had started prior to the additional measures put into place by the Federal Government and State Government, however there are still a number to get through. Working from home can create an isolating factor but to touch base with all parents about their student’s progress sometime between Week 1 and Week 3 of Term 2 is essential. These interviews will be conducted by phone or online. Interviews will be of 10 minutes duration for Secondary students (per subject) and at least 15 minutes per Primary student. More details will be provided Ms Webb and Mr Cronin on interviews which is certainly above and beyond what many schools are offering.
  • Reports – These will still go out at the calendared times irrespective of whether we are back at school or providing online learning.
  • Secondary specific topics:
    Non-Engagers – We are absolutely committed to students making progress throughout this time. Therefore, Ms. Webb will be writing to any Secondary parents whose children are not engaging fully in online learning to ensure strategies are implemented to improve their learning.
    ATAR – We will be following the state recommendations in this area and working hard to ensure Year 12 students gain a significant WACE certificate. As such we will be continuing important Assessments for Year 11 and 12 students at the start of Term 2. These are likely to be a combination of online Assessments (with the need for validation when returning to school) or face to face scheduled assessments. Ms. Webb will be in touch with parents and the Y11 and 12 students to discuss this further.

It is vital that all parents take note that our teachers have been working above and beyond what is expected. Their workload has significantly increased during online learning and like your children, they have earned a rest, and really need it. Please do not expect any online learning or work with your child’s teacher between the 10th to 28th April (inclusive).

I will be writing to you once I have firm clarifications on the direction schools are instructed to take. Until then please be sure you stay safe and allow your children a break from their studies for the twoweek period. Remember their health and well-being are important at this time.


Craig Monaghan