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Wednesday 18 March

Update on COVID-19 & St. Andrew’s Grammar’s Preparations/Plans – Wednesday 18 March

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Following on from Monday’s correspondence, I provide an update on information regarding COVID 19 and the school’s proactive strategies to minimize the risks to our students. This letter contains important information and should be read carefully by all parents.

Recently the Government shared a number of measures to limit large gatherings of 500 or more; we have decided to be much more conservative and limit any gatherings over 60. We do this as the safety of our community is our first priority. It is with this in mind that we have implemented strategies which go beyond what is expected of schools.

We continue to revise all aspects of school life whilst attempting to keep the education we provide as uninterrupted as possible.

The following preventative measures were put into place earlier this week:

  • Soap education: teaching; posters and practices. We have focused on aspects such as no shaking of hands or hugging; not sharing water bottles nor food; washing hands thoroughly (for at least 20-30 secs) regularly; avoidance of touching ones face; when coughing to do so into a tissues or bend of elbow and ensuring all used tissues must go directly to a bin;
  • We have met with our cleaning company and have ensured extra man hours which will provide additional wiping of all key touch points (light switches and door handles) and focus on soap replenishment;
  • We have attempted to turn off water taps at school – this will require filled water bottles to be brought in from home;
  • We have added signage at Reception reminding visitors of responsibilities such as no handshakes or hugging (when greeting) and not entering the school with any flu type symptoms;
  • We have rearranged Secondary to have Homerooms where teachers will move between classes rather than students;
  • We have created segregated lunchtimes – Lower and Upper Primary and Lower and Upper Secondary location splits, and;
  • We have set up single file desks where possible.

There have been a number of events which have either been cancelled or postponed as they required students to be in larger groups. These cancellations are as follows:

  • All class and school assemblies (on hold until further notice);
  • Greek Independence assembly and associated church visit (cancelled);
  • ANZAC celebrations (cancelled);
  • Year 8 & 9 Camp – which was to be next week and will now be postponed until late-October;
  • IPSHA and ACC Sporting Competitions (on hold until further notice);
  • Harmony Day events (cancelled).

Due to the relatively small numbers that attend, the following events at this point are still continuing: Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews and Parent Coffee Mornings.

It is important to understand that at present there is no directive for our school to close.   However, in preparation for this we have been trialing online learning platforms this week. If a compulsory shut down is required, we will be ready with the following platforms to provide seamless education:

  • Primary:  Google Classroom will be used to set work; Classroom Dojo will be used for parent information and Google Hangouts will be used for face to face video teaching;
  • Secondary: SEQTA will be used for communications and instructions; Education Perfect will be used for content and education on topics for all subjects, revision, tests and teachers can monitor how well kids are going.  Zoom will be used for face to face video conferencing.

All of these platforms will be trialed with students and set up ready to go by the weekend. To ensure that we are ready we will be conducting an online trial this Saturday with our Year 12 students and teachers, and Mrs Hasapopoulos’ Year 5 class. We have chosen Saturday and only a handful of classes to minimise the disruption to your work and home life. We trust this is appreciated. Further information regarding this trial to those affected will be emailed home in the coming days.

You will be kept up to date with all relevant information as it is received from the Department of Education and Health and should be assured that your child’s safety is paramount in our decision making. Please know that our number 1 priority is the safety of your child and family. We will continue to keep you informed as new information and changes to the situation arise. Please look after yourself and take the necessary measures to minimise risk and help keep yourself and families safe and well.


We will get through this if we all work together.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Monaghan