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Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar; Mrs Suzanne Kelly.


(08) 9303 3840

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WA Five Day Lockdown – School Update – Monday 1 February


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

We understand that this is not how any of us wanted to start the school year but please be assured we are well organised and well-resourced to provide you with quality and appropriate teaching and learning programs, and the support that you may need at this challenging time.

Given the timing and nature of this lockdown and the increased safety measures, please be aware that the remote learning experience of last year has needed modification. As a result, the Senior Leadership Team have met and have prepared the plan indicated below. Follow up communications and details to students will come from Classroom Teachers, Form Teachers and the Heads of Secondary/Primary.



 Students will commence remote learning in their subjects on the following days:

  • Tuesday 2 February: Year 11/12 students
  • Wednesday 3 February: Year 10 students
  • Thursday 4 February: Year 8-9 students
  • Friday 5 February: Year 7 students



 A Learning Activity Gridline will be provided for all students K-6 on Wednesday 3 February via Class Dojo. We understand that not all students in Years 1-4 have their device as yet, subsequently, the learning activities will include options not requiring a device.



 Emails and calls to Reception will still be monitored. If you have any queries about your child’s learning, please contact the Classroom Teacher, Form Teacher or Head of School. If you are a new student/family and need any further assistance, please contact Reception.



 All school events at this stage are postponed for a week and the calendar will be updated to reflect changes including further developments not as yet known. Please ensure you refresh/sync your calendar to reflect these changes:


It is our hope that school will return to normal conditions next Monday but if lockdown requirements continue, please be reassured that your child’s education and well-being is our highest priority. The St Andrew’s Grammar Staff Team are highly professional, caring, and adaptable to meet the current challenge.


Yours sincerely,

Dawn Clements