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Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar; Mrs Suzanne Kelly.


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WA Five Day Lockdown – February 8-12 Back to School


Back to School: Monday 8 – Friday 12 February


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students

I hope that the lockdown period has kept you comfortable and that our provisions for your child’s education have been easily accessible. Our staff have loved connecting with our students online and we are looking forward to seeing them back at school from Monday, albeit with restrictions imposed until the ‘all clear’ is sounded by our Government, hopefully by the following week.

Secondary students are expected to wear a mask when attending campus and in classrooms and can only remove the mask for eating and drinking purposes. All teachers and staff on campus are expected to wear a mask but will remove them when conducting lessons. Hand sanitisers will be available in classrooms, but we recommend that your child keeps one with them as well, as a personal supply. Primary students will not need a mask but please inform them that their teachers and our staff are expected to wear a mask so not to feel uncomfortable seeing teachers with masks on when not teaching a lesson.

Students must only use their own equipment (pens, rulers etc) so that there is minimal contact reducing the need for shared materials where possible. Students must also practice social distancing and when gathering on the grounds, need to be cognisant of the recommended 4 square metres rule where possible.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to officially welcome students back at the Whole School Assembly planned, due to the fact that we are not permitted to have gatherings above 150. I will officially welcome all students back the following Monday however, when we anticipate we can have a Whole School Assembly in the Undercover area. I look forward to that time.


On Monday, all students will go to Class/Form first.

Secondary students will receive information from Form teachers and then will be instructed to attend an information briefing session for different year groups of numbers below 150, from the Head of Secondary Ms Jannine Webb and the Deputy Head of Secondary Mr Jason Tutty, during extended Form time in the morning. We anticipate that Secondary classes will start directly after Recess/morning tea break. We request Secondary parents to limit access to the campus unless as a matter of urgency but if needing to attend campus to wear a mask as per guidelines. Please drop off Secondary students and pick up without remaining in the carpark for conversation.

Primary students will also go straight to class and will be met by teachers. Primary school guidelines are quite specific due to the varying age groups.

Please see guidelines below from the Head of Primary Mr Wayne Cronin and Deputy Head of Primary, Ms Julie Wall, if you are a Primary School parent.


Primary School Guidelines

Primary school students are not required to wear masks but teachers will be wearing masks (except when teaching classes). Parents are required to wear masks in all areas in and around the School, except inside their car at drop off and pick up. The first day of the school year is an important event for both parents and children and we want to limit the negative impact of the restrictions on this special day. In light of this we politely request that only one parent enters the school grounds at a time with your child and that you follow the guidelines outlined below.

KINDERGARTEN CLASSES: Students can be escorted to class by parents, but it is essential that parents wear a mask and do not enter the classroom. Parents of Kindergarten children have the choice for whole day or staggered start till 12.20pm.

 PRE-PRIMARY CLASSES: Students can be escorted to class by parents, but it is essential that parents wear a mask and do not enter the classroom.

 YEARS 1 to 6: Teachers will be waiting outside the classroom to meet and greet the students. Parents may escort their child to the grassed area around to the adventure playground and then the students can move to their respective classroom. Parents are not to wander onto the verandas or enter the classrooms and must wear a mask.

LUNCH ORDERS: If parents wish to place a recess/lunch order for their child it would be preferable to do this online. If you need to visit the canteen, though, you must go directly to that area and ensure you are wearing a mask. Once an order has been placed you must leave the school grounds.

CAR PARK: Parents must not gather in the car park to carry on a conversation. It is essential you drop off your child in the morning or pick up your child in the afternoon and leave immediately. At all times, a mask must be worn by parents.

 AFTERSCHOOL: The same guidelines apply when picking up your child afterschool.

  • Parents/guardians must wear a mask.
  • Parents are not to wander around on the verandas or enter the classrooms.
  • Parents of students in Kindergarten and Pre-primary may pick up their child outside the classroom.
  • Parents of students in Years 1 to 6 should meet their child on the grassed area around the adventure playground.
  • Do not linger on the grassed area, in the playground or car park; it is essential that families leave the school grounds as soon as possible.

PARENT COMMUNICATION: If parents need to contact teachers this must be done via the Student Diary (which will be issued on Monday), Class Dojo or Email.

Class Dojo will also contain above Primary school details and any updates for specific year groups.


We look forward to the start of the school year with all our students and while it has been an unusual start to the year, I wish to thank all students and families for the ways in which you have responded to our communications and lesson provisions through remote learning and email. I also commend our staff and leadership for their professional response in providing quality teaching and learning programs within an immediate and unexpected remote learning environment to start the school year.

We have a very special community at St Andrew’s Grammar. I am confident that our students are in excellent hands with their skilled and caring teachers and that our school will continue to ensure best practice is delivered and resources are progressed to always enable, what is best for our students.


Yours sincerely,

Dawn Clements