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Thursday 9 April

Tuition Fee Respite – COVID-19 Financial Difficulties

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

During this difficult time, we realise that there are families really struggling financially. With so many Western Australians either losing their jobs or losing significant revenue in their own businesses, we realise there will be many of our parents struggling right now to make ends meet, let alone pay their current tuition fees. 

Although the school does not have extensive financial resources in reserve, we want to be there for our families at this difficult time. To consider who should and should not be eligible we will be using similar criteria for fee respite that the government is using. Eligibility for fee-respite will be considered for any family who has a parent who has: 

  • lost a casual position (must have had the position since 1 March 2020) or a part time permanent position of 15 or more hours or more, or 
  • lost a fulltime permanent position; 
  • lost 30% or more in turn-over in a business that they own. 

St. Andrew’s Grammar School will consider financial assistance to those families who have suffered financially due to significant loss of or changes to employment. The assistance will reflect individual circumstances and will be in place for Term 2 fees. Further reviews will occur at the end of Term 2 for Term 3 fees if required. 

To apply eligible families need to contact Vanita Meghani, our School Finance Officer at to return the below COVID-19 Tuition Fee Discount/Respite Application 2020 form with the required evidenceThese applications need to be returned no later than Monday 20 April to be considered. 

COVID-19 Tuition Fee Discount/Respite Application Form 2020
Download PDF


Our community remains strong and I believe we will come out of this even stronger. I trust that you see that this is a genuine attempt to assist our vulnerable families at this difficult time and ensure that our children remain proud members of St. Andrew’s Grammar. 



Craig Monaghan                                                 Ralph Simmonds

Principal                                                                Board Chair