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School Tours

Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar.


(08) 9303 3840

Application Forms

To apply, please complete and return the following form:

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For students with special needs, please complete and return the following form:

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Co-Curricular Activities

More opportunities for personal growth

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are typically defined as activities that complement and enhance the academic, cultural, artistic and athletic experiences of the school’s courses. The staff at St Andrew’s Grammar are committed to giving students a holistic learning experience. Providing an abundance of opportunities and choices to trial different interests and to build on students’ social relationships outside the classroom.

Find your fun activity today!

We release our Co-Curricular Activities Booklet per semester (two terms). Semester 1 cover Terms 1 & 2. Semester 2 releases later on in the year to cover Terms 3 & 4. Some of our Co-curricular activities are available all year round, where others might only be one or two terms. Be sure to double check the details of the CCA you’re wanting to register for. Click the button below to download our most recent CCA Booklet today.

CCA Booklet
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How Co-curricular activity helps young minds

A fully engaging co-curricular program will enhance the students’ pursuit of success in a well-rounded schooling environment. Our CCAs seek to develop and nurture resilience and self-esteem in students, cultivated within a safe space students enjoy being in.

Kids feel like they don’t belong

According to the Australian Council of Education Research (ACER), students struggle, having a poor sense of belonging. The CCAs are designed to counteract some of these social challenges by providing activities that support peer to peer comradery, opportunities for teamwork, and a strong sense of community to help students become fully whole within themselves.

The CCA help students:

  • collaborate with one another
  • develop leadership qualities
  • transfer their skills into the classroom
  • build stronger relationships with teachers and students outside the classroom

Students choose:

Students have full ownership of their CCA options. They get to map out their Co-curricular choices based on their own personal interests and goals. This creates a level of safety and freedom for students so they can fully immerse themselves into a topic of their choosing, experience a greater sense of autonomy, and learn at their own pace.

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We hope that you support these outstanding programs and look forward to receiving your applications for these opportunities. Should you wish to sign up for a co-curricular activity, or have any further queries regarding our CCA program, please don’t hesitate to contact Reception.