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Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Mr Wayne Cronin

Head of Primary School

Mr Wayne Cronin has been the Head of Primary at St. Andrew’s Grammar School since January 2010. He has extensive experience in primary schooling in the government sector where his last role was as Deputy Principal of Highgate Primary School, Perth.

Mr Cronin is a dedicated educational leader with a comprehensive understanding of the educational needs of primary school students. In addition to a strong focus on curriculum and academic excellence, Mr Cronin places a high value on community, arts and sporting activities to develop each student’s talents and abilities. He is highly regarded by parents, students and staff of St. Andrew’s Grammar School.

Primary School Staff:

Ms Jessica Macer (Kindergarten)

Mrs Taryn Havas (Kindergarten)

Ms Samantha Pitsonis (Pre-primary)

Ms Rhoda Falas (Pre-primary)

Ms Maria Kassinas (Year 1)

Mrs Alexandra Pynes (Year 2)

Ms Deanna Sinagra (Year 3)

Mr Robert Persson (Year 3/4)

Mrs Michelle Emmelheinz (Year 4)

Ms Magda Hasapopoulos (Year 5)

Mrs Julie Wall (Year 6)

Mr Tom Fortune (Year 6)

Mrs Kim Tipper (Art)

Mrs Betty Parissis (Greek Studies)

Mrs Eleni Dwyer (Greek Studies)

Mrs Dimitra Rologas (Greek Studies)

Ms Rebecca Trevisan (Music)

Mr Mano Psanoudakis (PE/Sport)

Mrs Catherine Boutsis (PMP/Greek Dance)

Secondary School Staff:

Mrs Nicky Chamberlain (Academic Director)

Mr Andrew Martin (Year 7 – 9 Pastoral Coordinator)

Mrs Katerina Reklitis

Mrs Katina Maounis (Secondary and Primary Greek Studies)

Mrs Pauline Crisp

Mr Paul Donaldson

Mr Steven Burgess

Ms Samantha Hunt

Ms Maria Williams

Mr Michael Yew

Mr Joseph Ricciardone

Mr Miguel De Sousa

Mr Laurie Scott

Ms Elizabeth Stewart

Fr Elpidios (Year 7-12 Orthodox Studies and School Chaplain)

Education Assistants:

Mrs Olimpia Hurtado

Mrs Christine Smith

Mrs Anne Bauer

Mrs Renae Lampropoulos

Non-Teaching Staff:

Mrs Amanda Carwell (Curriculum)

Ms Caitlin Dunne (Reception)

Mrs Cristina Stewart  (Laboratory Technician)

Mrs Dionisia Tsokos (Canteen Manager)

Ms Jodie Jongeling (Librarian)

Mrs Michelle Powell (Administration)

Mrs Nicki Cahill (Principal/HOP Assistant and Registrar)

Mrs Vanita Meghani (Accounts)

Voluntary Support Staff

Fr Emmanuel – Pastoral support and counselling


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