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School Tours

Prospective families interested in enrolling at St. Andrew’s Grammar are welcome to have a tour of our school, classrooms and facilities.

To arrange a personal tour, please contact our Admissions Registrar.


(08) 9303 3840

Application Forms

To apply, please complete and return the following form:

Application for Admission Form


For students with special needs, please complete and return the following form:

Supplementary Enrolment Form

Years 7 to 9 (Middle Years)

To support the move to Secondary schooling, our Year 7 students undertake a transition program designed to support them manage the move from being in one classroom with one teacher to moving freely around the campus, using specialist classrooms and teachers. Using a hybrid model, student confidence and independence is maintained as they embrace the increased academic and co-curricular opportunities that Secondary has to offer.

Students in Years 8-10 are exposed to experience a variety of experiences as they learn their areas of interest and academic strengths, allowing them to make well informed choices about their pathway for Years 11 and 12.