Principal's Update

Term 2

Our students have made a great start to Term 2. Throughout the school, St. Andrew’s students have been enthusiastic, positive and eager to learn after the school holiday break. Term 2 is 9 weeks and  finishes on Friday 23 June. I wish all students and staff a productive and successful Term 2.

Secondary STEM Building

St. Andrew’s Grammar is in the early stages of planning for our next major building project. The facility will be a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) complex with purpose built workshops and classrooms for more practical ‘hands on’ learning. This concept plans for this exciting project are displayed at School Reception and further details will be provided about the project during the course of the year.

 Anzac Day

St. Andrew’s Grammar was very well represented at recent Anzac Day events. A contingent of Secondary students marched with the WA Greek RSL in the Perth City Anzac Day March and some of our Primary students laid a wreath at the Mt. Lawley service. On Wednesday 26 April, our whole school ceremony for Anzac Day was led by Year 6 students. The students delivered some of their outstanding poetry works and Mr. Bill Evangel (WA Greek RSL President) provided an address on the importance of Anzac Day. 

National Schools Event

This week a team of 22 students and three staff (Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Martin and Ms. Puppazoni) are representing St. Andrew’s Grammar at the Greek Orthodox National Schools Event in Sydney hosted by All Saints Grammar. Our Senior Boys Volleyball team have won the national competition on Day 2 of the event. Congratulations to the boys and their coach Paul Donaldson who has thoroughly prepared the team for this great achievement. The Girls Volleyball team were competitive in all matches and the Netball team finished 3rd place overall but defeated the eventual champion school St. Euphemia College in their fixture.

Simon Midson 




Term 2 Dates to Remember  

Child Safety Workshop for Parents

Parents are invited to attend a very important workshop on Monday 15th May at 6pm in the School Library.  This workshop will focus on the new Protective Behaviours Curriculum Being taught in all WA Schools. 

Parents should note that this workshop will be extremely valuable in learning about child safety and wellbeing.  You are encouraged to make attendance at this two hour evening presentation a priority.  It is open to all St Andrew’s parents and will be conducted by speakers from the Protective Behaviours Organisation.  The workshop will include all aspects of personal safety such as bullying, domestic violence and cyber safety.

St Andrew’s Grammar prioritises child safety and the teachers are committed to providing an environment where students feel comfortable to learn, grow and develop.  The flyers for this workshop will be sent home with all students. A copy of this flyer is shown below.

Naplan Testing

Year 7 and Year 9 students will complete NAPLAN Testing on Tuesday 9th May – Thursday 11th May.  Friday 12th May will be used as a catch up day for any students who might miss a test.

NAPLAN testing for Secondary Students will be in the Harmanis Building commencing at 8.40am.  Students should arrive in plenty of time on these days.

Students will need to bring 2B Lead pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a calculator (numeracy only).  The students may also wish to carry an unmarked clear water bottle.


Students in Year 10 – 12 will all sit exams during Term Two.  These assessments are significant indicators of student understanding and progress.  Students should be preparing specifically for exams at least three weeks prior to their scheduled date. This is study that is additional to homework set by the classroom teacher.  Study might include:

• completion of class exercises

• note taking

• concept maps

• practice essays

• review of term tests and assignments

• completion of past papers (at least three/subject)

• assistance from the classroom teacher

At school we have talked to students about exam preparation.  They are aware that many aspects other than the acquisition of knowledge and skills are critical in exam success.  Students are encouraged to eat healthily (the notion of food to fuel the brain is quite popular in literature), get some daily exercise and sleep about eight hours each night.  Parents might be able to support our senior students in this regard.  In addition, ensuring that your son or daughter has some leisure time (or down time) is also helpful.  Part of free time should be screen free as chances to completely disconnect are important.


We have switched to formal winter uniform now that Term Two has begun.  We seek the support of the parents in ensuring that students follow the expectations surrounding uniform standards.  The guidelines are outlined below.

Uniform Requirements 

  1. Students must always wear the correct uniform according to the season and the event
  2. Uniforms must be neat, clean, in good condition and well fitting
  3. Skirts and dresses may not be worn any more than 5cm above the knee
  4. Students must uphold the uniform standards when wearing the St Andrew’s uniform outside the school grounds
  5. Sports uniform may only be worn on days when a student has sport classes in their timetable
  6. Items of sporting uniform may not be worn with summer or winter uniform (For example, students may not add a tracksuit top to summer dress)
  7. Shoes must be black leather, lace – up.  Suede, canvas, heels and platforms are not acceptable.
  8. Sport shoes should be predominantly white in the Primary School and only school colours in the Secondary (navy, royal blue, white)


  1. Hair is to be neat, clean and off the face. Extremes of colour and style are not acceptable.  The Principal and Heads of School reserve the right to deem particular styles unacceptable and request immediate change.
  2. Girls’ hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back.  Hair clips, ribbons and ties are to be navy, white or royal blue.  Other hair adornments and head dresses are not permitted
  3. Boys’ hair length must be above the collar at all times.
  4. Students are encouraged to wear a school hat or cap for all outdoor activities and these are compulsory uniform items for all physical education classes.  Other non – uniform hats/caps are not permitted


  1. For girls, jewellery is restricted to a wristwatch and one pair of earrings.   Earrings must be plain gold or silver studs or small sleepers.  These are only to be worn in the ear lobes (one in each ear).
  2. Boys may only wear a wristwatch
  3. Students will be asked to remove any jewellery which does not satisfy this guideline.  Unfortunately, in this circumstance, security cannot be guaranteed
  4.  Students will  not be able to wear any jewellery during sport


  1. Makeup may not be worn to school
  2. Boys must be clean shaven at all times
  3. Tattoos may not be visible
  4. False nails are not permitted and nail polish is only permitted if it is a natural nail colour.
  5. Casual dress days are held intermittently.  On these occasions students are still required to dress appropriately for timetabled activities.  Closed footwear is essential.
  6. The school back pack is a compulsory uniform item.  Other back packs may not be carried to and from school

Uniform Infringements are now being communicated directly to Parents through ENGAGE.  You can see on your dashboard if your son or daughter has been spoken to by their Form Teacher regarding uniform matters.


The ENGAGE Parent space has been open to parents since the middle of last term and we will continue to expand its applications throughout the coming year.  Recently we have linked “Uniform” messages directly to parents.  The same will shortly be true for homework concerns. 

If you are yet to access your ENGAGE space please contact either

Amanda Carwell (curriculum@sag.wa.edu.au)


Leanne McTavish (lmctavish@sag.wa.edu.au)

and we will reprovision your account to allow access.  The ENGAGE site provides notifications and feedback relating to student assessment results, classroom resources, information about courses and homework that has been set by the classroom teacher.  In addition, parents will receive your student reports through the ENGAGE site this Semester.

Ms Leanne McTavish 

Head of Secondary 



Term 2 Dates to Remember

• Tuesday 9 May: NAPLAN Testing Years 3 & 5

• Wednesday 10 May: NAPLAN Testing Years 3 & 5

• Thursday 11 May: NAPLAN Testing Years 3 & 5

• Friday 12 May: Year 4 Class Assembly

Mark Cain's World of PVC Music: INCURSION

Students from Years 1 to 6 were treated to a very special visit from the wonderfully creative Mark Cain, a musician who constructs all of his own instruments using PVC pipes.

Mark brought along an enormous range of wild and wacky instruments to play for the school, and even invited the students to try out some of his inventions. His “fu-fu pipe” was particularly popular among the students, and many students are now interested in making their own.

The staff and students all thoroughly enjoyed the music incursion, and found it fascinating to see how simply some fantastic instruments can be made. Thank you to Miss Trevisan 

Things I Like About My School

During IT Lessons, Miss Jongeling has been engaging the students in word processing activities. The Year 2 class were extremely motivated and typed out "Things I Like About My School". The original task was to come up with 3 ideas, but some of the students well and truly excelled and came up with nearly 30 ideas! The lists below show a sample of some of the wonderful things students like about St. Andrew’s 

Hand on Science in Year 2

The Year 2 class has been learning about water and made amazing water slides in small groups. Firstly, they designed their water slide by drawing a labelled diagram. They then chose the equipment they would use and worked cooperatively in small groups to create their water slide. 

They had set criteria which had to be met that included:

1. Six people (marbles) must move down the slide;

2. All marbles must remain safely on the slide;

3. There had to be a collection pool at the end of the slide:

4. Each group had 45 minutes to make their spectacular structure.

Everyone had a terrific time and seven out of the nine water slides constructed were  successful!


Mr Wayne Cronin

Head of Primary