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Pastoral Care and Student Leadership

409__1440732213_59.100.216.42Year 7 & 8 students are placed in a vertical form with a Year 7/8 Form teacher. Year 9-12 students are also placed in vertical forms with a Form Teacher. Vertical forms comprise a small number of students from each year group. Vertical forms provide better opportunities for socialisation and peer support.

Form groups meet each morning from 8.45-9.00 am on Monday to Thursday (short form) and on Friday until 9.55 am (long form). It is an important organisational part of the day as: punctuality is noted; uniform, ipads, student diaries and study planners are checked; daily notices are read out and letters are distibuted. In long form there are also: House Meetings, Year Meetings and Assemblies as relevant.

The form teacher is the primary pastoral carer for the student. Pastoral support is also provided by the relevant Pastoral Co-Ordinator and the Head of Secondary.

The focus of our pastoral care programme is the Social and Emotional Curriculum and Restorative Practice.

The Social and Emotional Curriculum is underpinned by The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers (Sean Covey). These are as follows:

  1. Be Proactive: Take Responsibility for your life.
  2. Begin with the End in Mind: Define your mission and goals in life.
  3. Put First things First: Prioritise and do the most important things first.
  4. Think Win-Win: Have an everyone -can-win attitude.
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Listen to people sincerely.
  6. Synergise: Work together to achieve more.
  7. Sharpen the Saw: Renew yourself regularly.

The programme is delivered in long form group and is embedded in faith and values and general classes.

Behaviour Management
  1. The Behaviour Management Process is as follows:
  2. Red marks recorded in the student diary: for lateness, incorrect uniform, no diary signature, incomplete homework, missed assessment or misbehaviour (teacher applies red marks)
  3. Three red marks in a week will result in a school detention (Pastoral co-ordinatorplies the detention).
  4. Three detentions will result in an in school suspension (Pastoral Co-Ordinator/Head of Secondary applies the suspension)
  5. Three in school suspensions will result in an external suspension (Head of Secondary)
  6. Three external suspensions may result in an expulsion (at the discretion of the Principal).

A student may be automatically given any of the above consequences, depending on the severity of the offence.

These consequences are punitive. We focus on using restorative measures as well as punitive measures in our behaviour management approach.

Restorative Practice

The Restorative Approach involves working with students one to one and in small groups in order to resolve conflict; improve behaviour; repair and restore relationships between students, and students and teachers. It can be facilitated by teachers, pastoral co-ordinators and the Head of Secondary.

Support and Mentoring Programmes

Students may also be placed on support programmes. These are facilitated by the Pastoral Co-ordinators. Each teacher writes feedback and signs each class period in red (concern); blue (good) or back (neutral). Form teachers and parents check at the end of each day. Pastoral co-ordinators monitor the student and meet at the end of the week. The student also meets with the Head of Secondary. Students may be placed on longer term support and mentoring programmes at the discretion of the Head of Secondary.

Student Leadership

Students are offered leadership training, development and opportunities from Year 7-12.

Student Council

The Student Council has two representatives from each year group in Years 7-11 and the four Year 12 Executive Leaders. It meets at lunchtime on a fortnightly basis and is facilitated by a Lower Secondary Pastoral Co-ordinator.

The Year 12 Leadership Group:
  1. Five executive leaders: Chairperson, Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.
  2. Two Sports Captains
  3. Four House Captains
  4. Community Service Captain
  5. Year 11 Vice- House Captains and Vice-Sports Captain.

The Year 12 Leadership Group meets at lunchtime on a fortnightly basis and this meeting is facilitated by the Year 11/12 Co-ordinator.


Pastoral Care Policy

Restorative Practice Anti-Bullying Policy

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