Primary School Religion

A religion programme is offered to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 at St. Andrew’s Grammar under the guidance and direction of Mr George Anastasiadis. Christian values are supported by a Virtues programme where there is a focus on three different virtues each term that includes topics like respect, kindness, friendliness and responsibility. The Virtues programme complements the Orthodox Religious Education programme where there is an emphasis on five focus units:

i. Journey to Pascha (Easter)
ii. The Orthodox Family
iii. The Orthodox Church
iv. The Virgin Mary
v. The Nativity of Christ

Subtopics include Lives of The Saints, Sacraments, Iconography and other Major Feast Days of the Orthodox Church. Students are involved in a variety of activities including excursions and incursions that promote these special events and topics throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to attend church events throughout the year.

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